Dragon Blade (2015)

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Dragon Blade (2015) is a China historical action film. Download and watch this movie with English subtitle and Indonesia subtitle.
Title : Dragon Blade (2015)
Genre : Action, Adventure
Release Date : February 18, 2015
Duration : 127 minutes
Country : China, Hong Kong
Language : English, Mandarin
Starring :

  • Jackie Chan as Huo An
  • John Cusack as Lucius
  • Adrien Brody as Tiberius
  • Lin Peng as Moon
  • Mika Wang as Xiu Qing
  • Choi Siwon as Yinpo
Plot / Storyline / Short Synopsis :
In modern times, an American archaeology group bought a military manuscript from the Han Dynasty. The manuscript details how Roman soldiers went to China about 2,000 years ago and built a city called Regum. However, with limited evidence, the archaeology community thought it was a fake and so the archaeology group sent an expeditionary group to confirm their findings. In a four vehicle convoy, Christian (Vaness Wu) and his lady colleague (Karena Lam) split with the group to expand their search and it is the two that found and confirmed the existence of Regum. Covered in snow, the two thought it was a highly unusual city as it clearly built as a Roman city, but with Chinese aesthetics. Upon closer observation, there’s a golden plaque written in both Latin and Chinese; towering over the city was the armor of General Hou. Curious on how the city looks like, the two activated their advanced satellite and laser imaging system to help them visualize and rebuild the city through a 3D virtual simulation. From there, the two got a chance to learn more about the history of how this city came to be. (From : Wikipedia.org)
Dragon Blade (2015)

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