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By : | October 20, 2016 6:45:41 am
We can update normaly timing now, i just get better after comeback from hospital, i am so sorry to all visitors and make people wait for an update, but now i can update as usually timing, once again i am sorry for late on this few days, please keep visit this site for support our work. Thank you for all visitors.

Regards : Freemoviesub

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182 thoughts on “Announcement – Update will normal

  1. Mamyrie

    Mimin…. scarlet heart ryeo nya emng cuma 1 episode yah minggu ini… biasanya kan 2 episode.. apa karena miminnya belum sembuh yah jadi telat. cepat smbuh ya mimin

    1. Iamnobody

      Yes. Only 1 episode this week but not because admin didnt update it but because SBS only aired 1 ep this week due the foot

  2. hana_dulset

    Gws min…
    Btw, Resident Evil : The Final Chapter(2016) dah keluar blm ya min?
    Ada Lee joon ki (wang so – moonLover) main di film itu…

  3. icha

    get well soon min…
    Cepet sembuh, cepet sehat, cepet update hehe
    site tetangga gk upload variety show ke mega sih jd mau gk mau balik ke fms lagi

  4. riris santy

    Min mana full housenya…πŸ™πŸ™
    Dah 3 x ini dah minta diupload 😁😁
    Tp kalau tak boleh..tak apalah min 😒😒😒
    Fms is the best πŸ‘πŸ‘ up to date always πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Gumawooo 😊😊😊

  5. desamoye

    Sorry to hear you were involved in an accident. Hope you are okay and no cause for alarm. Get well soon and take care.

  6. Kay

    Admin, I hope you are ok, and the accident don’t bring you any problem in the future. Thanks for all your hard work. Blessings.

  7. sausan

    bukan masalah kok min, sejauh ini fms selalu paling updet.. boleh request filmnya chanyeol exo yg i married my anti fan dong min… penasaran banget sama tuh film
    sukses selalu yaa min πŸ™‚

  8. Arin

    admin yang kece, kalau lagi free boleh request film “single” raditya dika πŸ˜€
    #u r my only hope admin, karna cari dimana-mana ga dapet. thank u

  9. April

    Admin, please keep updating on ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’ and others drama and movie too. Thank you for the hard work. Fighting!!!

  10. lia

    Gapapa kok min nyantai aja, kalo cuma telat sehari gapapa lah, seminggu juga gapapa hehehe asal pasti bakal diupdate aja, ini tempat website favoritku kok

  11. ayu_uun

    gpp miin, saya setia nungguin koook. pokoknya kuraaang enak kalau ga download disini, fightiiiing miin, konbanwaaa ^_^

  12. rdhh

    admin please lets fight ghodt min tamat kan huhu sama drama yang lain kl ada btw mksh min dari awal emg FMS sllu ngsih yg trbaik dan terupdate plis bgt min btw lfg nya huu mkshhh

  13. Aya

    its okay Freemoviesub’s admin…
    I hope you dont run into trouble again in the future ο‚©ο‚©ο‚©ο‚©
    keep the spirit and we love you…..

      1. Icha

        Min kapan nih upload knowing bros ep 83? Sama request new journey to the west season 4 dong min pleaseeeeeee

  14. hana_dulset

    Miiiinn… Jangan hapus solidfiles donk… Itu paling cpt buat donlot… Gag byk spam nya.. Pliiiissss yaaa ?

    Btw, upload film Fabricated City donk.. Dah keluar blm ya?

    1. hendry

      prasaan lemot deh itu solidfiles aq sdh login masi lemot pake wifi speedy maupun kuota simpati (redmi note 4g)
      klo saya pake usercloud atau openload cepet itu untuk usercloud login pake google biar wuz22 kena 1mb/s +

  15. khyo009

    Please upload all series of vvampire stories… i think the newest one has begun this year too, no?
    And oh please update as soon as possible Yesung’s japanese movie. It will release on november this year. And thank you for providing us this very fine site to download the video so far… ^^
    Fighting authoring~

  16. hendry

    Semoga kelar cepat min mantap klo download disene openload dan ucercloud but knapa solidfiles speed hancur bgt ya dlu cepat padahal sdh login semenjak berubah tampilan speednya hamcur bgt dlu 1mb/s bisa lebih skrg speed ga sampe 50kb/s

    1. Freemoviesub Post author

      hendry – Salidfiles skrg tak bagus, malah saya mau copot dari sini, gk mau upload ke solidfiles lagi, tapi masih byk yg pake solidfiles jadi gk bisa copot seenak nya hihi. jika udah dikit2 yg lewat solidfiles, pasti saya ganti ke clicknupload ato uploadboy

      1. Bayu

        jgn dicopot master-nim solidfiles nya, saya mohon, saya adalah fans solidfiles, menurut saya itu salah satu situs yg kecepatan nya selalu stabil malah, ga pernah putus-putus kaya situs lain.
        Tetep aja biarin ya master-nim saya mohon, hehehehhh

        1. Freemoviesub Post author

          Bayu – gk di copot kok, byk yg masih download nya lewat solidfiles, cuman di saya emang agak lelet juga speed nya. masa di copot tiba2, kasian lah yg langganan solidfiles.

  17. Freemoviesub Post author

    Kemarin semua drama sudah saya update, selasa drama nya sudah selesai update jam 2.30 subuh, eh ada restore sendiri server nya, jadi balik semula semua update nya hilang, tapi udah saya manual update ulang.

  18. mambsosa

    Admin saya ga bisa buka link kena internet positif terus, kalo admin cara ngatasinnya begimana? pake vpn apaan min yang admin pake? openvn? vpngate?

  19. insani rahmi

    Min, makasih buat jadi web favorite aku. Tiap hari aku buka fms buat cari film terbaru. Keep that great work ya min. Btw.. Aku boleh request ga? Request hotel transylvania 2 ya min. Nunggu banget filmnya. Ditambah tadi abis cek subscene, eh udah ada sub nya. Makasih ya min

  20. yipani

    min, usul aja. mending klo upload via mega filenya dikasih nama yg agak nyleneh aja biar ga gampang ke detect upload file drama dll, soalnya kayaknya banyak yg milih dl via mega. misal buat file nama Reply.1988 dikasih nama Rpl88 oh my venus dikasih nama omv atau apalah gitu… usul aja sih biar ga gampan kena suspend. soalnya sekarang kenya ketat bgt buat kdrama biar ga beredar bebas :3

  21. Ammar

    Meski cuma bisa pilih pilih
    Ga semua bisa DL video FMS dimari
    Karna diriku fakir kuota data

    *FMS tetap semangkaaaaa^
    Updating video nyah ya Boss^

  22. Ira91

    Congratsss for a year years old FMS…I dont remember exact day i start downloading all drama kdrama and k-variety shows..i reallt thankful for this website..keep on sharing and i love you FMs..hehe..#sincerefrmloyaldownloaderbrunei

  23. Hasna

    Congratulation FMS.. makasih banyak udah ngasih kami drama2 dan film2 yang bagus. Semoga kedepannya FMS makin sukses AAMIIN….

  24. rissa

    Congratulation FMS!!!
    Thank you for all your hard working to upload all video especially k drama on time and keep up the good work

  25. Kiryun

    Hello. congratulation on your one year celebration ! It’s great that I came across this websites a few months ago and I’ve been downloading Korean dramas and movies from this website since then. A big thank you for you guys ! This is my first request but I hope you can consider it and upload it. I really hope so.

    1) How To Train Your Dragon (2010)
    P/s : It’s an old movie. I found it everywhere but not once can download it. So I hope you can ease it for me.
    2) Maze Runner 2 : The Scorch Trial (2015)

    That is all I think. I hope you can consider my request and please mention me about it. Thank You πŸ™‚

  26. Salma

    Selamat yaa FMS *sorry double sorry.. karena telat ngucapinnya* ke depannya semakin baik ajjah, selalu menebarkan kebahagiaan bagi Admin dan juga pelanggan setianya.

    We Love you FMS… ??

  27. widyaa

    Selamat ya FMS, Update terus setiap hari ya drama,film dll.. FMS perbanyak drakor,film dll dong sama kaya web orang lain . oiya FMS klo ada drakor,film baru bisa ga sub nya di gabungkan ke drakor or film lainnya

  28. taranajmia

    thankyou very much for your hardwork!! yeayyy!!
    The Piper (2015)
    Inside out (2015)
    Ant-Man (2015)
    The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (2015)
    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015)
    Older Brother [KMovie] (2015)
    Bounty Hunters [KMovie] (2015) LMH
    The Long Way Home [KMovie] (2015)
    A Murderer’s Guide To Memorization [KMovie] (2015)
    Speed (KMovie] (2015)
    Collective Invention [KMovie] (2015)
    Boy from Wonderland (Hong Jong-Hyun) [KMovie] (2015)
    Marital Harmony [KMovie] (2015)
    EVEREST: The Summit Of The Gods (2015)
    ASURA [KMovie] (2015)
    That Man Is the One [KMovie] (2015)
    Xia You Qiao Mu [KMovie/CMovie] (2015)
    Phantom Halo (2015)
    The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo [KMovie] (2015)
    Circle Of Atonement [KMovie] (2015)

  29. litcheons

    Cong..ra… Congratulation~ FMS saengil chukkae hamnida~~ PAP-PAP-PAP-PAP-PAP-PAP!!! *ala-ala tim juru masak di drama Oh My Ghost pas ngerayain ultah Sous Chef pake sabuk hadiah :v *. Tetap support FMS lah pastinya, eeey cuma disini loh yg sizenya kecil tapi kualitasnya bagus wkw (ga gombal kok, ciyus).
    Btw semoga saya bisa lebih mengenal admin-admin disini hahaha (gak modus kok, ciyus).

    1. Freemoviesub Post author

      litcheons – kamu yang bikin blog “You Are My Sun-Shine” ya? hihihi. trims2, dan buat all yang support terus, walau juga sudah banyak web2 yang juga sharing link download, tapi visit nya selalu setia.

  30. Len

    Congratz for the 1st year anniversary! Harapannya agar freemoviesub semakin banyak upload serial dan movies yang seru. Oya min sedikit masukan dan kritik nih. Tolong dong utk ke depannya jgn upload movies yg berunsur SEX. Karna web ini kan bebas utk siapa saja yg nge download. Kasusnya karna adikku yg masih SMP download HEALING MATE, dan setelah aku liat isinya…bikin aku shock abis! Tolong lah min di filter yah, demi kebaikan masa depan anak muda indo hehehe…Please~

  31. Len

    Congratz for the 1st year anniversary! Harapannya semakin banyak serial dan movie seru yg di upload yah hahaha. Lalu…min ada sedikit masukan dan kritik nih. Untuk ke depannya tolong dong jgn di upload movies yang berunsur SEX. Karna aku web ini kan bebas utk siapa saja yg mendownload. Kasusnya karna adikku yg bru SMP download film Healing Mate, setelah aku liat isinya…shock aku! Yah tolong di filter lah min, demi kebaikan masa depan anak muda indo disini. Please~

  32. Def

    Congrats!!!! I check your site on daily basis; has become my habit for the past nine months. Thank you so much for existing & offering many good movies/dramas/variety shows. I have a lot of fun visiting your site.

  33. fans FMS

    Chukkae!!!!! Hoping that you’ll always be great and awesome!!! More korean movie again, i really enjoyed this site!! Jinjja!

  34. anonymousOne

    i see some of your videos uploaded here.. you also get it from other encode site… i will not mention the sites but i check it and its same video but different video name…
    well..i also appreciate your time and effort to download and upload dramas… keep up the good work.. (Y)

    1. Freemoviesub Post author

      copypaste and take video from other site is different, video taken and re-uploaded to some download host also give some effort, not only copypaste link an text content.

  35. Freemoviesub Post author

    After we write this page, they still keep copying content from our web and make money using all download link to their referall link, we cannot stop them, we only hope all visitor keep support this site, we put some work for downloading Giga-Byte size video and re-encode to smaller then upload it, that take time and effort :).

  36. azeez ibrahim

    Keep up the good work. Ure greatly appreciated. Pls do upload latest korean interesting village series.dt involve swords and all

  37. Ain

    Greetings admin.. Honestly, this is the only website for me to download dramas and movies. Please don’t shutdown this website. Please adminnn. Thank you πŸ™‚

  38. dhee

    FMS is the best pokoknya…selalu setia dengan web ini pokoknya ^^ ?????
    Semangat terus ya buat admin FMS. Fighting~!!! ✊✊✊✊✊

  39. Yatie

    morning dear. yes. honestly saya ada download few movie dekat sini πŸ™‚ please. jangan sampai shutdown laman web ni ya. will always support u here πŸ™‚
    thanks πŸ™‚

  40. sweetpopki

    Freemoviesub satu2nya web indo yg paling cepet update. Itungan jam. Keren. Udah aku sebarin ke tmn2. Skrg rata2 donlot dr sini. Hahahaha.. Thx yaa.

  41. f

    hi , no this freemoviesub very best ! this notonmovie was very bad and slow ! im just see freemoviesub and happy for πŸ™‚

  42. Tuti

    Terima kasih banyak, min utk update dramkornya yg super update. Pasti saya akan tetap setia sama Tapi maaf kalau boleh info utk kualitas gambar drama dalam minggu lalu agak berkurang dibanding minggu sebelumnya walaupun utk yg 540p nya. Gambarnya agak gelap dan sedikit buram. Dan ada 1 kendala saat akan mendownload karena byknya popup iklan ada ada 1 iklan yg lgsg ke link konfirmasi download yg langsung memotong pulsa Rp 10.000. Mohon maaf sebelumnya dan sukses selalu buat Terima kasih banyak

  43. Yolanda

    Min please freemoviesub ini jangan punah (?) Ya… hehe soalnya blog ini sangat membantu kami semua dalam update film tanpa butuh waktu lama dan tanpa kesulitan yang significan…… semangat ya admin dalam donwload film,drama,reality show dll… saya akan selalu stay disini untuk waktu yg lama dan akan mensupport blog ini… Admin freemoviesub figting… SARANGHAE hehe

  44. Jessica

    This is the only site that i visit everyday,there’s no way that i will go for others, since this is the best site for korean lovers, WE LOVE THIS SITE so much, ^_^ always hwaiting!!!!

  45. Icha

    Thank u so much,,Min..
    I will always support this site to make bigger..
    It so easy to get all new korean drama and reality show but please make it more collection for the Japanese drama..
    If it’s possible,,please upload Hero Japanese drama season.2 by Takuya Kimura..

  46. Cim

    We’ll always with u min…lebih enak download disini daripada dimana2 yang ribet pake banget…Semangat adminnya

  47. shenshen

    i will be forever loyal..thank you so much in keeping this website bigger and’re always giving us the best updates ever!!!! κ³ λ§™μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€

  48. Jessica

    Hi can i request a korean drama? Empress Ki? Your site is very excellent and i love it, its very easy to download drama here. Thank you in advance. Fighting!.

  49. nara

    @Khairina. ‘Orange Marmalade’ tayang tanggal 15 bulan ini, gan. barengan ama ‘The Producer’.
    @Freemoviesub.wah, syukurlah. Btw, dikira ini website kemana, soalnya pas cek siang tadi katanya ‘web suspended’, tapi syukur masih ada ternyata. semangat, gan!

      1. Kamikaze

        Wah sayang sekali, semoga cepat kembali normal uploadingnya Min. Ini situs terbaik bagaimana saya pindah ketempat lain lagian saya juga sudah terlanjur nyangkut di FMS ^^ haha.

  50. khairina

    permisi hehe min ada drama baru judulnya “orange marmalade” tayang nya tgl 30 sih tapi biasanya disini update lebih dlu hehehe jadi dtggu ya min, thank you πŸ™‚

  51. flamiyan

    ak dapat sub indo dr ketik subscene klik baru di search tulis someone like you. klo dr awal tulisnya subscene someone like you keluarnya ntar subscene film barat.

    1. Kamikaze

      -Ryuu, Sudah di diupload tinggaal dicari di kolom search. Filmnya juga lucu plus Junho&YooBi chemistrynya nonjol banget^^

    1. Freemoviesub Post author

      kyk ATM, itu populer bgt, kalau di share, ttp di download org. ni mesti bikin byk2 akun buat simpan movie Thai, size nya rata2 500, kalau beli akun premium gak mampu utuk skrg ini.hehe

  52. Freemoviesub Post author

    Thai Movie ada situs nya pnya org indo, byk tapi film2 lama semua, mau saya ambil nanti, tapi ruang nya buat naruh, kalau di mega makai nya akun free πŸ™

  53. Momotaro

    i am from india, that i think the indonesian version from your website, but it is not. kinda thks for making this web share, keep sharing for us, thanks

    1. MegaFiles

      ia harus login.. hahahaa.. buat nya gampang kok ga butuh waktu lama. belum di Integration sama twitter, facebook, steam. udah dibuka aksesnya.. coba mampir lagi. baru tau, ya sistem yang digunain sama. pake xenforo.. cuman materi yang dibahas macem” yang berbau files dan share.. peraturannya belum dibuat masih dalam perapihan forum.

        1. MegaFiles

          technical sama admin + owner nya.. tapi kalau udah jalannya forum dibuka staff buat technical sama admin. kalau donasinya sukarela, dana nya untuk server hosting sama domain + maintenancenya + yang lainnya. kelebihan member sama donasi diupdate nanti.

  54. MegaFiles

    min mau ngajak jadi kontributor di megafiles nih, kalau berkenan. bentuknya forum yang udah disesuaiin dengan kebutuhan share film”. masih dalam tahap pengerjaan sih, tapi udah bisa diakses. ini contoh thread materinya saya ambil dari sini. sumber tetep saya tampilkan. πŸ™‚ kalau admin mau, join aja. nanti saya berikan akses staff kontributor nya.


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