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By : | February 16, 2016 9:38:49 am

Dear all my lovely visitors, i got some busy this 2 months, i have some work to do, but after that i will update this site as fast as i can like usually. ALso my Kumpulbagi account was banned again, so i wont upload to kumpulbagi again. Please keep give support, we know we are not best in sharing, we try our best. Thank you.

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44 thoughts on “Admin Info

  1. noph ssi

    ok admin, tp hanya disini aq download selama ini. bgm dg yg blm tamat episodenya?? hiks.. keep fighting admin!! aq tunggu 2 month again yak..

  2. MIshmae

    Hi Admin! I’m so happy and overjoyed after I found this site.

    I stopped before downloading Moorim from episode 5. and now, I was trying to download it, but MEGA is not available. *sigh. but maybe i’ll try downloading from other choices (it’s kinda slow compare to MEGA).

    but Thank you for everything. This site gave me LIFE. kekeekeke. love you.

  3. Dya

    Omooooo….Trus download Running Man gimana donk Min????
    Kamu satu2nya yg aq andalinnnnnn πŸ™
    Cepet balik yaaaaa :'(

  4. Shikhar

    Sorry for some harsh words…….this should inform us that you have some urgent work that’s why u couldn’t update site.take your own time, we will wait ??

  5. Girafe

    Fighting, admin
    I hope all you works will be done soon
    Well, I hope you’ll come back soon! I still waiting The Mockingjay Part 2
    Your the best blog that sharing movies etc in my opinion!
    Fighting admin!

  6. Fitri

    okay min it’s okay….
    before you go,cheese in the trap and moorim school don’t slot a week,uploading four episode,please…….
    if you can’t do it it’s okay,i didn’t force….hehehehe ^_^
    FIghting min {()}

  7. Bbaekcaprio

    I hope everything gonna setle soon. And take your time dearst admin. I hope you doing good on your work. And fighting. !!!!


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