The SpongeBob Movie (2015)

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The SpongeBob Movie (2015) is an American animated/live action adventure comedy film. Download and watch this movie with English subtitle and Indonesia subtitle.
Title : The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date : February 6, 2015
Duration : 92 minutes
Country : United States
Language : English

Starring / Voice cast :

  • Tom Kenny as SpongeBob SquarePants/The Invincibubble and Gary the Snail
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick Star/Mr. Superawesomeness
  • Rodger Bumpass as Squidward Tentacles/Sour Note and Squidasaurus Rex
  • Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs/Sir Pinch-a-Lot
  • Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy Cheeks/The Rodent
  • Mr. Lawrence as Plankton/Plank-Ton
  • Antonio Banderas as Burger-Beard the Pirate
  • Matt Berry as Bubbles
  • Jill Talley as Karen
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Perch Perkins and other fish characters
  • Nolan North as Pigeon Cabbie
  • Paul Tibbitt as Kyle the Seagull (voiced by Joe Sugg in the UK release)
  • Lori Alan as Pearl
Plot / Storyline / Short Synopsis :
A pirate named Burger-Beard travels to the island of Bikini Atoll to obtain a magical book that makes any text written upon it come true. The book tells the story of SpongeBob SquarePants, a childlike sea sponge who loves his job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab fast food restaurant and faithfully guards the secret Krabby Patty secret formula from Plankton, owner of the Chum Bucket and business rival to Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob’s boss. In the undersea town of Bikini Bottom, the Krusty Krab is attacked by Plankton. After a military battle with giant foods and condiments, Plankton feigns surrender: he uses a decoy of himself to offer the greedy Mr. Krabs a fake penny, which he hides inside to gain access to Krabs’ vault. The Plankton decoy distracts Mr. Krabs by crying outside the restaurant so Mr. Krabs can gloat about his victory. Plankton steals the formula, leaving a fake in its place. However, just as he is about to escape, SpongeBob catches him. They have a tug of war over the formula, but it magically vanishes before either can claim it.
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The SpongeBob Movie (2015)

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