Ip Man 3 (2015)

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Ip Man 3 (2015) is a Hong Kong biographical martial arts film. Download and watch this movie with English subtitle and Indonesia subtitle.
Title : Ip Man 3 (2015)
Genre : Action, Biography, Drama
Release Date : December 16, 2015
Duration : 105 minutes
Country : Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
Starring / Voice Cast :

  • Donnie Yen as Ip Man
  • Zhang Jin as Cheung Tin-chi
  • Lynn Hung as Cheung Wing-sing
  • Patrick Tam as Ma King-sang
  • Karena Ng as Miss Wong
  • Kent Cheng as Fat Po
  • Bryan Leung as Tin Ngo-san
  • Louis Cheung as Tsui Lik
  • Danny Chan as Bruce Lee
  • Mike Tyson as Frank
Plot / Storyline / Short Synopsis :
A young Bruce Lee visits Ip and asks to become one of his students. After demonstrating his speed to Ip, Ip neither accepts nor rejects him and tells him to “come back later”. Ip Ching is seen fighting with another boy, Cheung Fung, at school, and both boys end up with minor injuries. Wing-sing, along with Ip, is asked by Miss Wong, the boys’ teacher, to come to the school. As an apology, the Ip family invite Cheung Fung to their home for dinner. At Ip’s house, Cheung Fung displays rudimentary yet impressive Wing Chun skills. When Ip asks the boy who his mentor is, he says that it is his father, Cheung Tin-chi. Cheung shows up to pick up his son shortly after.
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Ip Man 3 (2015)

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