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The malware warning about our site has been removed, we already report it to google for checking, this site is safe since we starting 2 years ago. This is happend because some people want make our website out of our visitors, hope all visitors still will download video here.
You can check it by your self with visit this link –

Please look the screen shot here –

We realy dont know why some people do this to our website, but we believe that is because they jealous with us. We will not give up and will keep running this website well. Thank you for all our visitors.

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  • Try search the subtitles at Subscene if we still don't put the subtitles here
  • Thank you for always visiting this site and for your support to us
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* The files will or can be removed if the copyright owner complain to this site.
* This site never buy any films and movies from any filming company.

41 thoughts on “Information

  1. cici

    Pantes aja min aq ga bs masuk ke sini, dibilangnya web ini mengandung unsur porno weew!! hahha
    sabar ya min ^^

  2. bubbleeeeehun

    Go to hell u stupid fucking haters. Gosh what the hell is wrong with them urghhhhhhhh admn nim fighting. Why do ppl like them exist?

  3. mirberry

    don’t worry bout that.. im still a fan of this website. himnaeseyo~~~~~♡♡♡. and arr… keep up de gudwoq…

  4. Rara

    Keep strong admin. We will always behind your back. You guys did a very good job to satisfy us! Fighting!

  5. sarah

    Fighting admins n team FMS.. i always dwonload drama from ur website i really love ur website. it really2 helpful n fast update.. LOve u FMS.. thanks for ur hardwork..
    -Love from malaysia

  6. Seol

    Min, request dong The Hanger Games : Mockingjay part 2.. Udah penasaran banget nih mau nonton, tapi masih susah nyari link yang ukurannya 480p.. 🙁

  7. Gilgamesh

    saikodes mimin, tq udah berusaha yg terbaik. Gomenne jrg ninggalin jejak soalnya nyomot di tinggal tidur :3
    sankyuuu miminnn :*

  8. Syahputri

    WewW, Fighting!!!
    Selama yang dilakukan bukan hal buruk, pasti usahanya dimudahkan.
    Tetap semangat untuk berbagi ^^V


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